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Bubble Ball Soccer gift certificates are available now! Call or text 727.324.3674! 

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What is Bubble Ball Soccer?

We have been featured on FOX 13 & Bay News 9 & the Tampa Bay Times!

Check out the video below from FOX 13!

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Bubble Ball Soccer is the newest sport in the US! An exciting twist on the traditional game of soccer, you will be wrapped in a giant, soft inflatable Bubble Ball with shoulder harnesses and handles inside! Get ready to have a blast! Once you strap on one of these huge, bouncy hamster-balls you will have a hard time not laughing as you bump into opponents while trying to kick the soccer ball into the goal. Tons of fun for players and spectators alike! Most people have only seen videos on Facebook and YouTube! Now you can play too! Get off the bleachers & get in the Bubble Ball!


Bubble Ball Soccer & our other Bubble Ball games are perfect for birthday parties, team building, church groups, corporate events, schools, private parties, bachelor parties, family reunions, fund-raisers & beach get togethers! 

You name it - we do it!


We are your one stop Bubble Ball Shop with the knowledge and equipment for rental & purchase of everything Bubble Ball!


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Bubble Baller, our friendly, laid back referees will make sure you have an awesome time!




Tampa Bay Bubble Ball Soccer


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