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What is Bubble Ball Soccer?

Bubble Ball Soccer is the newest sport in the US! An exciting twist on the traditional game of soccer, you will be wrapped in a giant, soft inflatable Bubble Ball with shoulder harnesses and handles inside! Get ready to have a blast! Once you strap on one of these huge, bouncy hamster-balls you will have a hard time not laughing as you bump into opponents while trying to kick the soccer ball into the goal. Tons of fun for players and spectators alike! Most people have only seen videos on Facebook and YouTube! Now you can play too! Get off the bleachers & get in the Bubble Ball! Our minimum age is 5 to 6 to play around in the bubble balls, however, we have lots of bouncey balls and horses for kids younger than 7 to play with and even a 6 foot tall inflatable soccer ball that they love!


Bubble Ball Soccer & our other Bubble Ball games are perfect for birthday parties, team building, church groups, corporate events, schools, private parties, bachelor parties, family reunions, fund-raisers & beach get togethers! You name it, we do it!


How do I rent & How much does it cost?

We need to know about how many players you will be expecting so we can determine how long we will be playing. Once we understand what you want to do - we can give you a few options. We are flexible. Will we be coming to you (if yes, where are you located) or are you coming to us in Safety Harbor to play?  

If you would like to book a Bubble Ball Party or event or Open Play - please email us TBBubbleBallSoccer@gmail.com 

OR call or text us at 513.340.2600


Where do we play?

You can come to us in Safety Harbor - we play indoors at the Rec Center and outdoors at local fields in the area. We also come to you! We just need a grassy field that is free and clear of sticks, rocks, glass and shells and  we don't need much space! About a 1/4 the size of a regulation field! 


Although we are based in Safety Harbor - we play everywhere! St. Pete, Tampa, Spring Hill, Sarasota, Lakes Wales, Lakeland and everwhere inbetween! We own a lot of Bubble Balls so we can be in 2 places at the same time! 

If you would like to rent, please email us TBBubbleBallSoccer@gmail.com 

OR call or text us at 513.340.2600


How much does it cost to buy my own Bubble Balls?

Email us and we will send you pricing. Bubble Ball Rentals & Sales tab please.


Do I have to pay for set-up and break-down time?

No. We do not charge for set-up or break-down. Price quotes always reference the amount of time available to actually play, so 60 minutes means you can play for 60 minutes. (Travel fee may apply for distant destinations.)

Is there a minimum amount of players and/or number of Bubble Balls to rent?

No, a typical game is 4vs4 or 5vs 5 with a few substitutes rotating in and out. 

But it's your game - we can play 3vs3!  We are open to discuss other options since we have tons of Bubble Balls!  Just ask! 


Open Play - Pick up games

We host OPEN PLAY dates and are in the process of finalizing a Bubble Ball

Soccer League & MeetUps. OPEN PLAY iis similar to a pick up game! 

We may be indoors or outdoors! All of the equipment will be set up! 

MUST make reservations  So, grab a few friends! Get off the bleachers!  

Click on OPEN PLAY info to find out more about this. Be sure to "LIKE US" on Facebook - this is where we put our Open Play dates and times. 


Do you have a facility where I can come play?

Yes, we rent fields in Safety Harbor or we come to you. 

We provide the equipment and you supply the field. We play in public parks & open fields in the Tampa Bay area. We even play in backyards! And we can play on tennis courts & in gyms too! You do not need a full size soccer field - about 1/4 of the size!  Also, some schools offer their fields for recreational use for the community. 

Note: Some parks and fields require a permit, reservation, and/or a use fee for some organized or team activities, and that is your responsibility.


Do we play indoors or outdoors?

Both indoors and outdoors make for great playing areas. A basketball-court size field or court, either indoors or outdoors, works great! 

Gyms, large auditoriums, tennis courts or any open field without rocks or sticks will work great! Obviously, we can't play where there are sharp objects or on cement!


Do I need a full-size soccer field?

Definitely not. In fact, for most groups, a much smaller field is better, to reduce the running and increase the bumping! 

Do I need any additional equipment?

No. The game requires Bubble Balls, soccer ball, boundary markers & goals. We provide all of these. Some people bring their own knee pads for extra comfort/protection and to make it easier to stand up without using their arms.


Do you include a referee to explain everything?

Yes, each rental includes a referee who will instruct you on how to use the equipment and how to play safely, as well as help organize your game. And to help get you back on your feet sometimes too!

Do you require a liability waiver (and what about minors)?

Yes, we do. As with any athletic sport, there is a risk of physical injury when playing Bubble Ball Soccer. We will give you some tips on what not to do, but you are responsible for playing safely and sanely. For minors, 17 years of age and younger, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver.


Is Bubble Football a Coed sport?



What’s the age limit?

Ages are around 6 and up to play around in the bubble balls, however, a lot depends on them physically as each player has to run around carrying a bubble ball! We have a ton of other inflatable toys and games for the younger kids! 


Are there any player restrictions?

Yes, anyone with heart conditions, pregnancy or having a health issue restricting them from physical activity should not participate. pat



What shall I wear?

Please wear loose and comfortable sports clothing, preferably without zippers. 

Appropriate closed footwear, like gym shoes is required. No cleats of any kind.

No jewelry, necklaces, watches, rings or earrings anywhere on your body.

No hair barrettes or bobby pins.

No belts. No casts. No activity trackers. 

No sunglasses or eyeglasses unless worn with Sports Goggles & a head strap.


What is the object of the game?

The object of the game is to get the soccer ball into the net to score a goal! And to have a fun time while you are attempting to score while bumping into players on the other team! It's a hilarious game!


What are the rules?

We loosely follow traditional soccer rules. For example, there is no Off-Sides! You start the game with the soccer ball in the middle of the field. The players stand several feet away and when the ref blows the whistle everyone runs to the ball at the same time resulting in some Bubble Ballers rolling around on the ground! The real fun is just beginning because when you crash into another player, both of you will go flying in different directions. 

  • Each team typically has 5 players and at least 1 substitute
  • The game is exhilarating & exhausting so bring a sub if possible
  • Substitutions can be made during the game as needed
  • There are 4 periods lasting 10 minutes each with a few 2 minute breaks
  • Each team can call a 2 minute timeout during a half
  • All play stops immediately when the referee blows the whistle
  • No kicking  or bumping into a player when they are are down
  • No bumping a player when they are trying to stand back up
  • No knocking players over when the ball is out of bounds
  • Don't knock down someone who is not facing you
  • No fighting - ejections will happen (no refunds)
  • No launching into anybodys legs at any time
  • No kicking the equipment (Bubble Balls)
  • If the Bubble Ball gets punctured please let the ref know
  • You must remain in the Bubble Ball when in play
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early to sign waiver & get comfortable in the Bubble Ball! Don't forget to drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated during the game!

Do you offer other games besides Bubble Ball Soccer?

Yes, we have Bubble Baseball, Bubble Smash & Bubble Rumble

See other Bubble Ball Games we play!


Do I have to blow up the balls myself?

No, we have pumps for that, and we will inflate them prior to your start time.

Can I just rent the gear and do everything myself?

No. The bubbles require special expertise and equipment for proper inflation and deployment. Additionally, we require our staff to be present during use for the safety of both the participants and the bubbles.

Cancellation, Refund & Weather Policy

We require a credit card, check or cash payment in full to reserve your game as no other game can be booked for this time. Once you pay, this will confirm your date and time and we will no longer take reservations for your spot as space is limited. The booking with a credit card, check or cash is non-refundable. There may be exceptions for paying upfront – just call us and we will talk. 


Weather - we will not offer refunds for games cancelled or shortened due to adverse weather, acts of God, or events not within the reasonable control of Tampa Bay Bubble Ball Soccer. We will not play in inclement weather as safety comes first. Games must be called off 2 hours before scheduled game time in situations of inclement weather unless you have an indoor place where we can play! We will work with you to reschedule the game!


Is the deposit refundable if we cannot attend? No. 

How do I pay? 

We will email an invoice to you that will allow you to input your credit or debit number into directly. This will automatically send you a receipt. 


Can players/groups drink alcohol while playing?

No! Any players or groups found drinking alcohol while playing or who we determine are intoxicated or impaired will be asked to sit out. No refunds.


Do you want to start your own Bubble Ball Business? 

Yes, we can help - send us an email at TBBubbleBallSoccer@gmail.com 


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