Tampa Bay Bubble Ball Soccer
Tampa Bay Bubble Ball Soccer


We are based out of Oldsmar in the Upper Tampa Bay area.


Where do we play?  Our flexibility allows us to come to you.  We bring our own equipment to include nets, field markers, and balls.


There is an expectation that the field you secure, either outdoor or indoor gymnasium, is appropriate for the game.   We only use about 1/4 of a regular field and can adjust.  As a contact sport, most teams don't want the large field so they can stay in the "bumper car" action.  The play area just needs to be large enough for the players to safely run around and be free of debris and obstacles.  This protects you and the equipment.  


Many local parks and even school fields are open for play.  Note that some community parks may require reservations.  We are not liable for any costs, fees, or fines for the location that you secure.


Although we are based in Oldsmar we travel well and have done games from Bradenton to Spring Hill and Clearwater to Brandon so we can provide some help or suggestions on where to play.


Pricing?!  There are several things we consider when offering an estimate.  Please fill out our contact form with details we can provide you with a fair quote. 


Set-up and break-down time?  Typically I need about an hour before and after the scheduled game time for preparation and of course the postgame cleanup and to sanitize our equipment.  As long as you have a location secured, we don't need anyone to be there for our work.  We try to do everything so when you arrive, you only have to listen to our safety brief/demonstration and enjoy the event.


If it is a public park, we do ask that you have at least someone there to help occupy the field for our setup to avoid any first-come disagreements.   Where possible, we can also help by adjusting the boundary markers for play.  


Are there extra travel fees?  All fees are taken into consideration for price quotes.


Who Controls the Game?  We do.  That's you and me. We provide a safety brief on requirements and best practices as well as demonstrations on how to use the equipment and referee the games.  But you have input based on your comfort level. 


Please remember that these are not intended to limit our fun but enhance the experience for everyone involved.  Some of our safety rules may seem silly or obvious, but there are in place for a reason and we want to protect people, property, and equipment.


Who can play?  I say most ANYONE.  This is a coed sport and regardless of your personal skill level, Bubble Balls are a great equalizer.  


Sizing?  We do have various size bubble balls to try and support most people.

               Manufacturer recommendations:

               Height - 3'9" to 6'3"

               Weight - up to 250 lbs. 


Kids?  It's great getting anyone out there, but my honest assessment, kids younger than 12 years old are often not large enough yet. 


Flexibility?  We love new game ideas and modifications.  Requests will be based on the athletic skills, abilities, conditioning, and maturity of the participants while weighing expectations of safe and fair gameplay.


Are there Restrictions? Of course. You are agreeing to play a physical sport and must agree that you are in good mental, physical, and emotional health to participate.  If you are pregnant or have an injury, you should not play.  There will be various sizes of Bubble Balls provided, but if you do not fit because the ball is too large or too small, you cannot reasonably play safely. 


Do I need any additional equipment?  No. We bring field markers, goals, and of course Balls.  A few people have brought their own knee pads for extra comfort, but they usually come off soon after the start.


Do you require a liability waiver (and what about minors)?  YES!   As with any athletic sport, there is a risk of physical injury when playing Bubble Ball Soccer. We will give you some tips on what not to do, but you are responsible for playing safely and sanely. For minors, 17 years of age and younger, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver.


Can I just rent the gear and do everything myself?  Unforntuenly No. The Bubble Balls require a level of experience and equipment for proper inflation and deployment.  Our staff is required to be present throughout.


Can I buy Bubble Balls?  Occasionally we may sell one of our balls. You can use the contact form for specific pricing. 


Intoxicants?  NONE!  Players may not consume or participate under the influence of alcohol or other substances that may impair the mind and body.  Any players found in violation of this will be asked to leave the field and/or we may end the game.  No refunds will be awarded.


Refunds?  We require payment in full to reserve your game since we will reserve your spot.  There should be no expectation of a full refund as no other game can be booked for this lost time which can be limited.


Cancelations are needed 4 days in advance.  We are reasonable and understand that life happens.  But we are a small business and will always try to reschedule so you can enjoy the game and share a great experience. If you cancel the event inside that four-day window and we are unable to reschedule, we will discuss refund options minus $125 as a cancelation fee.  


Weather Cancelations.  As your safety is part of our concern, we cannot play in unsafe weather conditions to include any rain, lightning, or excessive winds.  Games must be called off at least 2 hours before the scheduled game time.  This is in consideration of all the equipment we have to pack up and the drive time to your location for set up.  Reasonable weather forecasts are readily available. 


Once you have committed to playing, we do not offer refunds for games canceled or shortened due to acts of nature or events not within the reasonable control of Tampa Bay Bubble Ball Soccer.



What is the object of the game?

Have fun.  Seriously this can be hilarious fun with or without the soccer ball.



Fill out our contact form for more info and price quotes or reach me directly for any specific questions and concerns.


Call 513-340-2600




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